The Pillowcase

The other evening, I was folding sheets as I had a thought: Jesus is like a pillowcase.

I know, I know.  WEIRD.  But let me explain.

As I stood there, folding out of habit, I don’t even think I was conscious of my brain thinking.  Everything I had just done and was still doing was instinct from years of washing, drying, folding.  I stood feeling the softness of the navy blue pillowcase as it slide between my thumb and index finger.  I saw the beauty of the clean pillowcase and its newness, still 2 months young of wear.  At that point, it occurred to me Jesus is like that beautiful, soft pillowcase.

That pillowcase covers up the old, stained pillow that’s been tossed, folded, squished, fluffed, etc.  That pillow is NOT pretty.  It’s a pillow that serves its purposes nightly.  The pillowcase covers up that dingy pillow and turns the ugliness into beauty that you don’t care if others see.  The pillowcase was washed clean and covered the pillow, wrapping it in beauty.

You don’t want people to see you at your worst, your ugliness.  We all try to hide our ugliness from others, but let’s be honest, we all see through it too.  If you allow God to change you and wash you clean, Jesus “covers” you in his blood, turning you into a thing of beauty.  Your sin forgiven, but some scars still remain on you, the pillow, as reminders of where you came from.  These battle wounds are a part of you, even the new you, especially the new you.  You can’t tell your story without them.  God will use them to help you connect with Him, with others, with life.  All the while, you are wrapped in the pillowcase of God’s love, in His forgiveness.  His love takes your brokenness and turns you into a thing of beauty, much like the relationship of the pillow and the pillowcase.


© Jessica Lee Wheeler, all rights reserved