Off with her clothes!

The Life of a Stripper: Special Bonus Edition.  5 Exotic Dancers Confess Their Personal Experiences in the Adult Entertainment Industry

by Romana Van Lissum

After Dracula, I needed an easy read that was of no value.  This book was free via iBooks.  Perfect.

It was a great book for its purpose.  I didn’t get emotionally attached, I wasn’t sucked in to be pissed off, it was short and sweet.  Each story was concise and didn’t depend on another.  I could pick up the book and put it down as needed and desired.  No imagination effort required.

Not that I expected to be wowwed off my feet, but my only complaint was I was hoping for more funny stories that occurred to the strippers.  Something like, “I was swinging on the pole and I look to my right.  There’s a midget with a row of purple ducks with a $10 under each one.”  I’d also liked more on the VIP rooms.  We know what happens there and it was alluded to, but for Lord’s sake, give me confirmation.  I have no desire to go to a strip club, but I’m a nosy individual.

If you want a read to fill time and space without thought, this is it.  If you want philosophical enlightenment, look elsewhere.  It’s that simple.

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