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Claiming-A Medieval Romance

by Saskia Knight

After suffering through Dracula, I needed more mental fluff before I started another thought inducing book.  Why not add a medieval sex novella to the list?  Sure, I’m game.

Claiming-A Medieval Romance is book 1 of three of The Gresham Chronicles.  Each book in the series is about a different Gresham sister.  Claiming-A Medieval Romance focuses on Rowena.

Rowena rebels against the usual path for women, and then she finds herself married.  Married, a word she loathes.  She plots and plans to save herself from this dreadful institution.  Slowly, her stranger finds his way in her mind, her heart, her body.  She is saved, but not the way she initially intended.  Aww.

I really enjoyed my mental fluff.  There wasn’t thinking involved.  Knight did a good job of combining all the elements to make the book enjoyable and flowing, and by the end I was curious as to the other two stories because you get some of their background as well.

If you like sex novellas, this is a good book to read.  It’s on my recommended shelf.

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Off with her clothes!

The Life of a Stripper: Special Bonus Edition.  5 Exotic Dancers Confess Their Personal Experiences in the Adult Entertainment Industry

by Romana Van Lissum

After Dracula, I needed an easy read that was of no value.  This book was free via iBooks.  Perfect.

It was a great book for its purpose.  I didn’t get emotionally attached, I wasn’t sucked in to be pissed off, it was short and sweet.  Each story was concise and didn’t depend on another.  I could pick up the book and put it down as needed and desired.  No imagination effort required.

Not that I expected to be wowwed off my feet, but my only complaint was I was hoping for more funny stories that occurred to the strippers.  Something like, “I was swinging on the pole and I look to my right.  There’s a midget with a row of purple ducks with a $10 under each one.”  I’d also liked more on the VIP rooms.  We know what happens there and it was alluded to, but for Lord’s sake, give me confirmation.  I have no desire to go to a strip club, but I’m a nosy individual.

If you want a read to fill time and space without thought, this is it.  If you want philosophical enlightenment, look elsewhere.  It’s that simple.

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OH, what to say…

Always Know What to Say – Easy Ways to Approach and Talk to Anyone

by Peter W. Murphy

I typically start off my book review blogs with a quote, but there isn’t one that necessarily stands out at the moment.

This is yet another free iBook I read on my phone, which means I was reading it between meetings, 5 minute breaks, etc.  I wasn’t sitting down to read this with a purpose.

I didn’t anticipate this wowing me nor boring me to death.  I was correct on both respects.  It had a some good points that applied to majorly introvert me.  I’ll give credit where credit is due.  However, there were other points I’m sure my eyebrows were raised into the “You’ve GOT to be kidding me” position.  There were also parts I found completely laughable.

It’s an easy read and honestly didn’t take that long even as a filler read.  Like any self-help or how-to-do book, there are parts that seem easy, parts that are common sense, and then parts that leave you wondering what “medicine” the author is on,

There were several introvert points that got me thinking, but otherwise I don’t think anything else did.  It’s a decent filler read, but not one I’m going to reread.  It served its purpose and now it can be deleted from my phone.  All’s well that ends well.

Always Know What to Say – Easy Ways to Approach and Talk to Anyone

by Peter W. Murphy

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This book bit the dust

“The world seems full of good men, even if there are monsters in it.”

-Bram Stoker, Dracula

Let me be up front about my reasoning in choosing this book.  I LOVE the movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.  By love, I mean I watch it EVERY TIME I find it on tv, I have it recorded on DVR so I can watch it any time I want, and I own the DVD that I have been known to play over and over.  My husband and children groan over it now.  Yes, I am well aware it is cheesy, but I love it.  It makes me happy to relax and just watch this movie.  I completely zone out and typically pick up on new things I hadn’t noticed before.

I decided I wanted to understand more of the characters’ backgrounds to get more out of the movie because apparently I’m insane.  I came across a free iBook copy of Dracula and since it is the Halloween season, I thought it was appropriate to start with it and learn more of Mina Harker’s background.

As with any book/movie relation, I knew there would be some differences. I expected more than usual since the movie wasn’t based on this particular book alone.  I did expect there to be more in common than Mina.

Let me just say I was ticked off when I finished the book.  I was bored the first 300 pages.  I get why they had to occur, but good grief we could have summarized.  I was interested somewhat for about 100 pages, and then even that died to the point I was at the last chapter and had to push myself through it.

Only to get mad at the ending.  SERIOUSLY?

It is a classic and from that perspective, I am glad I read it.  It did give me Mina’s background story, but the ending doesn’t match with the movie in the least, which I didn’t expect.  I’d suffered through the whole book looking for a connection that just didn’t exist.

This book will not land among my favorites and I highly doubt I’ll ever read it again, but I am proud that I read it.  It wasn’t the worst book I’ve ever read, but I am glad to delete it off my reader.

Dracula by Bram Stoker

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“The motto of all the mongoose family is, “Run and find out,” and Rikki-tikki was a true mongoose.” – Rudyard Kipling, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi

I must admit that even as a 30+ year old, if I see the cartoon Rikki-Tikki-Tavi on tv, I stop.  Always. Thus, the booknerd in me was super excited to see this book as a free download through iBooks.  To quote that annoying commercial, “Awesome-sauce!” No, this book wasn’t written with 30 year olds in mind, but I loved it as much as the cartoon.  Truth be told, I don’t know if I’ve ever read a book that the movie so closely followed.  I could be biased though. I can’t wait to share Rikki-Tikki-Tavi with my children.  It can teach hard work and determination, as well as showing love between a family and how that definition of family can grow. This was a short book, so I’ll keep my review as READ IT.  We all need an easy fun read from time to time.  This is it.  Go read it.  Now. And then you too can say he Rikki-Tikki-Tavi‘d that ass.  🙂

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