It’s truly a tragedy

Et tu? – Julius Caeser by William Shakespeare


I enjoyed A Midsummer’s Night Dream so much, I opted to read Julius Caesar fairly soon afterwards.  This.was.painful.

Then, apparently to increase my torture, I listened to the free audiobook version.  It was bound to be better.  It had Kelsey Grammer in it, for pete’s sake.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  TORTURE.

Thus, I have learned while I like Shakespeare’s comedies, I do not particularly care for Shakespeare’s tragedies.  To my former literature professors, I tried.  I really did. 

The book was easier to follow that the audiobook.  At least in the book, you could follow who was speaking, whereas in the audiobook, it was just noise.  Other than Richard Dreyfuss and Kelsey Grammer, I couldn’t tell you who was speaking when.  I was impatiently waiting for both the book and the audiobook to end, but I made myself finish them. 

I still consider it a historic piece of literature, just not one I’m going to re-read willingly at any point.  EVER.  I’m proud of myself for starting and finishing both versions, especially after I had finished and disliked the first.

With that being said, that shouldn’t stop someone else from reading this.  There are others out there who love this story.  I’m just not in that fandom, which on some level I think is a tragedy.  Shakespeare was a great writer, but I think I might stick to his comedies more.

Unless another free ibook or audiobook appears.  Then I freely admit I’ll be suckered in again.


William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

Publisher: L.A. Theatre Works

Source: Audiobook Sync
Format: MP3 Audiobook


2 parts


Bonnie Bedelia – Calphurnia

John de Lancie – Cassius

Richard Dreyfuss – Marc Antony

Harold Gould – Caesar

Kelsey Grammer – Murellus

Stacy Keach – Marcus Brutus

JoBeth Williams – Portia

Paul Winfield et al…


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