Sometimes, the bravest one is the one who stands up first

I just finished listening to Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice by Phillip Hoose.  I’m NOT a history person.  Any one I know can tell you that.  History bores me even though I know it shouldn’t.  I listened to this audiobook knowing I was going to be bored because it’s history but I thought I should nonetheless for character development.  I’m pleasantly impressed.

While I was bored to an extent (I refer back to “history bores me”), I wasn’t as bored as I anticipated once I was able to listen to this for more than 20 minutes at a time.  As I listened, I could see Claudette Colvin evolving in my mind.  While I can’t say I know what she went through, I can say I found her story more interesting that most history. 

There was one fact, though, that stands out in my mind.  She had her own bus boycott before Rosa Parks.  Every child grows up hearing about Parks, but I’ve never heard of Colvin.  Maybe Colvin was the necessary push to get the political environment ready for Parks.  Maybe Parks is mentioned because of the closer political result.  Maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about.

But, in my mind, Colvin was the needed push.  I’m proud of myself for listening to a history lesson in my 30s.  In particular, I’m proud I listened to this history lesson of Ms. Claudette Colvin.  I’m proud of what Colvin accomplished, alone and with the help of others.  She was and is a true leader, a hero to many.  She acted when no one else would, and this led to positive change that has helped the world.

Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice by Phillip Hoose
Narrator: Channie Waiters
Format: MP3 Audiobook
Publisher: Brillance Audio
Source: Audiobook Sync
4 parts
3 hours, 38 minutes, 11 seconds


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